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Facebook and Instagram bans 'sexual' emoji

In July, Facebook and Instagram updates the Facebook Community Standards regarding permissible sexual expression on the social media platforms. Under the new terms using “Suggestive Elements” such as “contextually specific and commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings” isn’t allowed anymore and may result in a user’s account being flagged or removed.

The Facebook Community Standards doesn’t name which emojis specifically but the eggplant, sweat drop and peach emojis are probably included. Facebook and Instagram won’t censor “suggestive elements” on their own, however. They must meet a combination of criteria to be subject to removal, and be a part of an implicit or indirect sexual solicitation.

“Certain emojis will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if they are used alongside a request for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations. We aren’t removing simply the emojis.” / Stephanie Otway, Facebook